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Workout Dice - Black

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A sleek and versatile addition to elevate your workout routine! Compact at 6.5cm, these foam dice bring a touch of sophistication to your fitness sessions.

Featuring 36 workout variations, these dice are designed to add excitement and diversity to your exercises. Whether you prefer working out solo or with a group, the high-quality foam provides a comfortable grip for all your movements.

The durable and easy-to-clean grey vinyl coating ensures these dice stay in top-notch condition, no matter how intense your workouts get. Say goodbye to worries about dirt – these dice are built to withstand the demands of your fitness journey.

Roll the dice and let chance guide your workout. Each roll unveils a new exercise, making your routine both unpredictable and engaging. Elevate your fitness game with our Grey Fitness Dice – a stylish and practical addition to your workouts, designed to keep you motivated and on track.