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Multi-Function Smith Machine


Multi-Functional Smith Machine

The Phoenix Fitness Multi-Functional Smith Machine is a great piece of equipment for beginners starting their fitness journey all the way through to experts that are looking to take their workout to the next level. Our Smith Machine is a great all-rounder to provide you with a full body workout, benefitting all major muscle groups. It features a squat rack, leg press, pull up bar, chest press, row pulleys and more, allowing you to perform a wide array of exercises

It has built in safety hooks that take the intimidation away from lifting and significantly reduce the risk of injury. You can rack the bar at any point of the exercise, allowing you to take your workout to the next level with confidence. It also removes the element of stabilizing a bar, promoting good posture and form and allowing you to train specific muscles more effectively.

The Phoenix Fitness Multi-Functional Smith Machine features heavy-duty pulley cables, and is built with the best quality materials, making it highly durable. Our Smith Machine comes with the following attachments: Leg Press Attachment, Squat Plate, Sit Up Bar, Chest Press, 2 Cable Attachments, 2 Handlebars, Row Attachment, Pull Up Bars, Multifunctional Arms & Long Metal Bar.

Adjustable Weight Stacks: 5kg-70kg on each side
Material: Power Coated Steel
Maximum User Weight:
Net Weight: 450kg
Approx. Dimensions: 271 x 222 x 204cm

Great for: Deadlifts, bench press, leg press, cable chest fly’s, bench chest fly’s, pull ups, crunches, single arm rows, unilateral shoulder press, resisted rows, natural grip rows, bar grip rows, the iron man squat to press, hip thrusts, glute kickbacks and much more.

Feel the burn with Phoenix Fitness and add our All-in-One Multi-Functional Smith Machine to your basket today.

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