Weighted Hula Hoop - Pink

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1.1KG Weighted hula hoop is the perfect way to trim your waistline whilst improving your core strength. With added weight inside the hula hoop makes the workout all the more effective, allowing you to burn calories, lose weight and still have fun at the same time!

Durable plastic core which is covered with soft EVA Foam - comfortable for user, easy to clean and resists bacteria and moisture from penetrating the surface.


A weighted hula hoop strengthens inner core muscles of the trunk to improve posture and reduce risk of back problems - Adds variety to your workout routine - Ideal for beginners and advanced users.

Helps develop mobility of the spine and hips, helping to ensure the joints remain flexible - Extremely effective at losing weight around the stomach / abdomen area

A Weighted Hula Hoop is an effective way to burn calories, improve posture, lose weight, tone up, have fun.

8 Section assembly, use 7 sections for children

Dia 96cm

New to our Phoenix Fitness Pink Range


"I love this brand and their ethos. A recent purchase and a lifesaver is the tiny green massage ball. My traps have been so tight recently so this is brilliant to release the tension'


'I was so worried about my fitness lifestyle when the gyms shut in March for lockdown. Phoenix has allowed me to do such a large variety of workouts everyday - I really feel like I can live without the gym now.


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