Wooden Water Rower Machine

Wooden Water Rower Machine

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Experience the feel of ‘on water’ rowing with the Phoenix Fitness Wooden Water Rower from the comfort of your own home or gym. This machine utilises water resistance to improve your stroke, strength and cardiovascular performance giving you a full body workout. Rowing is great for increasing calorie burn, targets multiple muscles in the body, improves muscle tone, flexibility and overall fitness.

The foot straps are adjustable with pivoting foot plates to ensure a secure and comfortable set up position for your feet pre, during and post workout. Featuring an ergonomic, extra padded rowing handle for a strong grip and comfort, the rower also has an  an LCD screen displaying constant information including time strokes, calories and distance.  


  • Quick start motor
  • Easy to store and portable
  • Quiet and smooth when in use
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Natural water resistance
  • Wide padded seat for smooth stroke movements

Colour: Black/Orange/White/Brown

Material: Wood/Steel

Powder coated

Dimensions: 2340*520*950

Use: Home or commercial gym

Please note: tools/equipment for set up are not included


"I love this brand and their ethos. A recent purchase and a lifesaver is the tiny green massage ball. My traps have been so tight recently so this is brilliant to release the tension'


'I was so worried about my fitness lifestyle when the gyms shut in March for lockdown. Phoenix has allowed me to do such a large variety of workouts everyday - I really feel like I can live without the gym now.


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