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Seated Leg Press Machine


Our Phoenix Fitness Seated Leg Press is a popular piece of gym equipment that when part of your workout routine can help build key muscles in your legs. Our standard, horizontal leg press is used to help develop your quads, hamstrings and glutes.

It may look a simple, but the leg press can have huge impacts on your physical fitness. Paying attention to your form and gradually building up the weight as you progress in training will help to build strength in your legs and can aid you in overcoming some imbalances.

Non-slip platform
Peg weight selection
Fixed seat
Platform moves when legs are extended

Brand: Phoenix Fitness
Usage: Home use, commercial use
Condition: Brand New

Handle decorative cover: made of aluminium alloy material
Rope: Steel
Cushion: Polyurethane foaming process, the surface is made of microfiber leather fabric, waterproof and wear-resistant, multi-colour optional
Guard plate: adopt high quality Q235 carbon steel plate and thick acrylic
Pulley: high-quality PA one-time injection moulding, with high-quality bearings inside, smooth rotation and no noise
Tube type: D tube 53*156*T2.5mm, flat oval tube 50*100*T2.5m

Motion trajectory: smooth motion trajectory is more ergonomic

Max weight stack of machine: 115kg

Please note: equipment/tools required for assembly of machine are not included.

Approx Measurements: