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2-inch Barbell Clamps



The ultimate solution for securely fastening weights on your 2-inch Olympic barbells. Crafted with precision, these reliable collars are designed to snugly fit your equipment, ensuring a safe and efficient workout experience every time.

Constructed with a durable nylon frame and fully captured pressure pads, our clamps provide a robust and resilient grip on your weights. The quick-action lever allows for swift locking, ensuring maximum stability during lifts.

Designed specifically for 2-inch Olympic weightlifting bars, Phoenix Fitness’ barbell clips are the perfect accessory for CrossFit, deadlifts, bench press, squats, and any other barbell exercise. With a quick lock and easy release mechanism, these 2-inch collars provide fast and safe weight adjustments, keeping your momentum going in your workout.

Professionally crafted with heavy-duty ABS and non-slip rubber grips, our barbell clamps hold your weight plates securely in place, preventing movement for a safe and effective workout. Lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly, Phoenix Fitness’ barbell collars are a must-have accessory for any fitness enthusiast, suitable for use at home or the gym.

Sold as pairs, these collars come in black, orange, or pink, adding a pop of color to your workout routine. Upgrade your lifting game with Phoenix Fitness Barbell Collars – designed for strength, durability, and convenience.