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Multi-Position Push Up Board



Build strength and tone your upper body with Phoenix Fitness’ multi-functional 12 in 1 push up board. With 12 adjustable handle positions, our press up board makes it easy to target specific muscle groups through its colour-coded design for an effective upper body workout.

Phoenix Fitness’ push-up stand includes a free 12-week upper body workout routine for men and women which is split into 3 progressive phases, to keep you motivated and help achieve your fitness goals.

Our foldable pushup board is compact and portable for easy storage, making it ideal home gym equipment. It has ergonomic handlebars and comes with non-slip protector pads designed to be used on carpets as well as hard floor without slipping.

Built with heavy-duty ABS to endure intense training sessions, this 12-in-1 pushup stand offers durability and stability, providing you with the confidence to push your limits!