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Freestanding Punch Bag

£299.99 £199.99
We at Phoenix Fitness offer professional and robust products for all of your exercise workouts. The Freestanding Punch Bag is perfect for those interested in boxing, kickboxing, karate, martial arts, MMA, UFC, thai boxing, judo or those just wanting to get rid of some pent up frustration! Our freestanding punch bag base can be filled with either sand or water so the weight can help withstand any of your hard hitting punches.
Freestanding Punch Bag arrives unfilled so it is easy to place where desired for your ultimate workout. You can fill the base with either sand or water to stop the pedestal bag from moving whilst you are exercising. 
No fixings required to hang the punchbag as its supported on a weighted base.
Shock Absorbing. The boxing pedastal heavy bag is made from high quality PU leather and filled with high density foam to withstand even the hardest hitters.
With the height of 5.9ft it’s ideal for boxing, kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. It has a low base which is excellent for practicing your low kicks.
Full body workout. Excellent for power and speed with sparring movements. Work your shots from body to head with either your fists or feet.
Compact design and excellent height to suit all of your needs for your exercise routines.
Requires assembly with all tools included.