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Biceps / Triceps Machine

£3,999.99 £2,499.99

The Dual Bicep/ Tricep Machine allows the user to train both the biceps and triceps in one space saving machine. The multi-position seats and pads ensure users of all sizes can quickly adjust the machines to their ideal position, ensuring optimal ergonomics and user comfort.

For those watching budget and space, the dual machine is the answer. The design allows multi-function mechanisms for two exercises in one machine providing exceptional flexibility. The machine is easy and straightforward to use but with attention to detail such as padded back pad to provide intuitive positioning and stabilization when performing arm extensions. Small details add up to a quality machine and more comfortable work out.



Dual function machine for triceps and biceps

Space saving and easy to use

Comfortable cushioned back rest

Lower pulley for bicep curl

Upper pulley for tricep pulls

Fibreglass reinforced nylon pulleys 6mm

70kg max weight

Powder coated steel

Orange and back

Floor Space Size: 159 x 132 x 223cm

Weight: 230kg

Suitable for commercial gyms/heavy use

Size and Spec:
Rating: Commercial
Max Stack weight: 70kg
Upholstery: Orange
Space floor: 1590*1320*2230mm

Powdered coating
Colour: Black/Orange
Cushion Colours: Orange
Steel frame