Abductor / Adductor Machine

Abductor / Adductor Machine

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The Phoenix Fitness Abductor and Adductor is the perfect piece of machinery to tone and strengthen your legs at home or in a commercial gym. The biomechanics of this machine have been designed to focus and isolate the muscles in your legs to achieve optimum performance.

Strengthen both the inside and outside muscle groups of your legs in a flexible and comfortable way whilst getting results. Change selectors to alternate between abductor and adductor workouts.


  • Dual function machine that works the inner and outer thighs
  • Instantly change pads between abductor and adductor exercises
  • 70kg Max Stack
  • Distinctive yellow adjustable levers
  • Back pad ensures comfort and stability
  • Instruction placard
  • Peg weight change
  • Smooth Movement
  • Machine weight 214kg
  • Floor Dimension 1679*746*1500
  • Handles for extra support and comfort
  • Two food support rest options
  • Colour: black/grey/orange


  • Powdered coating
  • Colour: Black/Orange
  • Cushion Colours: Orange
  • Steel frame
  • Upholstery: Orange 70mm thick pads


"I love this brand and their ethos. A recent purchase and a lifesaver is the tiny green massage ball. My traps have been so tight recently so this is brilliant to release the tension'


'I was so worried about my fitness lifestyle when the gyms shut in March for lockdown. Phoenix has allowed me to do such a large variety of workouts everyday - I really feel like I can live without the gym now.


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