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Abductor / Adductor Machine


Abductor & Adductor Machine

Phoenix Fitness’ exercise machines have been extensively tested and developed, and offer the very best in ergonomics, durability, design, and versatility. Our Abductor & Adductor machine is a popular piece of gym equipment to tone and strengthen your legs. The dual function of our machine is practical, budget friendly, space saving and allows you to work both the inner and outer thighs.

The adductor primarily targets your three adductor muscles: the adductor brevis, longus and magnus. It also activates your gracilis in your inner thighs and your pectineus or hip flexors. The abductor machine targets the muscles that are used for hip abduction, such as your tensor fasciae latae and your three glute muscles: the gluteus medius, minimus and maximus.

Phoenix Fitness’ Abductor and Adductor machine features 8 adjustable starting positions, and ergonomic handlebars on each side, providing optimal comfort. Our machine features quick release pegs and can be adjusted quickly and easily while you remain seated! Use our machine to strengthen the muscles that support good balance, stability, power, speed, mobility, and alignment. Our professional machines feature a placard with instructional diagrams, as well as the targeted muscle groups.

Adjustable Weight Stack: 5kg-70kg
Frame: Powder Coated Steel
Seating: High Density Foam & Water-Resistant PU Leather
Pulley System: PA Injection Moulding
Premium Bearings for Smooth Rotation & Silent Movement
Net Weight: 214kg
Maximum User Weight: 200kg
Approx. Dimensions: L: 145cm x W: 130m x H: 123cm


Great for: Toning Muscle, Legs, Glutes, Thighs, Hips, Lower Body Workout, Stretching, Resistance Training, Rehabilitation, Calorie Burn, Isolate Exercise and more.

Feel the burn with Phoenix Fitness and add our Abductor & Adductor to your basket today. Tomorrow starts now!

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