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20KG Barbell Set

Durable Vinyl Construction - The Phoenix Fitness 20kg Barbell Set is made from durable vinyl which can help reduce noise and protect the floors around your workout area.

Upper Body Workout - The Phoenix Fitness Complete Weight Set offers a full body workout including your deltoids, pectorals, triceps, biceps and trapezius.

Complete Set - Complete with 2 x 2.5KG weights, 2 x 5KG Weights and 2 x 1.25KG weights. Forget tomorrow, start your new fitness regime now!

Space Saving - The weight discs can be stacked together to ensure a sleek and compact design which saves spaces so you can easily store away the set when finished.

Strength - The Phoenix Fitness set comes complete with spring locks and split bar for your strength and weight training.

Phoenix Fitness 20kg Barbell Weight Set for Home Gym Fitness and Strength Training - Vinyl Adjustable Barbell Knurled Bar

We at Phoenix Fitness offer professional and robust products for all of your exercise workouts.

Whether you are setting up a home gym, or fitness area or you are starting your own public gym, Phoenix Fitness will be here to kit you out.

The Phoenix Fitness Adjustable Barbell Set is a simple and effective way to strengthen and tone the entire body

Workout Area Includes: Deltoids, pectorals, triceps, biceps and trapezius.

Bar dia 25mm

Set includes:
2 x 5kg Weights
2 x 2.5kg Weights
2 x 1.25kg Weights
2 part 2.5kg Split Bar
2 x Spring Locks

Suitable for full body workouts

Our 20kg body pump barbell weight set is a fantastic choice for gyms and home workouts.

Feel the Burn with Phoenix Fitness