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Weight Training Gloves


Bike riding, barbell and dumbbell weights, cross trainer handles, and other exercise machines can all take their toll on your hands; causing rough skin, abrasions, and calluses. Thanks to their targeted cushioning, these gloves shield your palms, helping you to avoid pain and injury.

Adjustable wrist strap to secure a snug fit, ensuring these mitts stay safely in place; no matter how tough your workout. Meanwhile a textured, reinforced palm means you can keep a firm hold of free weights and other equipment with total confidence.

Breathable pores on the back of these weightlifting gloves enable heat and moisture to escape; helping keep your hands comfortable during even the most heavy-duty workouts. In busy gyms; these sport gloves also help you avoid the greasy feeling from 'still warm' machine handles that have been used by other people.

Built for fit, feel and control

Include mesh carry bag