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Stability Cushions



Phoenix Fitness’ wobble cushion is a versatile exercise tool that helps improve core strength, balance, posture, and stability. Our stability cushion includes a convenient hand pump, making it easy to inflate and deflate to your preferred level of instability. Ideal for beginners and fitness enthusiasts, the adjustable difficulty allows you to customize your workout and feel your muscles engage for an effective and challenging workout.

Our balance disc features a dual sided non-slip surface that is safe to use on both hard floors and carpets. With smooth bumps on one side and acupressure bumps on the other, it can be used either way and provides a stable yet dynamic surface for workouts. The lightweight and portable design makes it ideal for travel to the gym.

This multipurpose wobble cushion can be also be used in the office to promote good posture during long periods of sitting, or as a training and exercise tool for dogs. It also doubles up as a wiggle seat for energetic kids to make learning and daily activities more enjoyable - it provides sensory input to aid concentration and focus while sitting, ideal for use at home, school, and nursery.