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Hand Grips



Enhance your hand and finger strength with the Phoenix Fitness twin set of Hand Grip Strengtheners, crafted to provide a comprehensive workout experience. These grips offer not only an effective means to increase muscle tone in your arms and wrists but also serve as an invaluable tool for injury prevention and recovery, particularly for individuals rehabilitating from finger or hand injuries.

These grips are compact and portable, allowing you to incorporate them seamlessly into your daily routine, whether at the gym, office, or home. The ergonomic foam handles ensure a comfortable grip during use, minimising strain on your hands while maximising performance.

Perfect for sports enthusiasts and musicians alike, these grips are an essential component of any training regimen, helping you develop the high lower arm strength required for optimal performance in activities such as football, martial arts, weightlifting, tennis, and golf.

Take your workout to the next level with the Phoenix Fitness Hand Grip Strengtheners, and experience the benefits of increased hand and wrist strength, improved grip endurance, and enhanced overall athletic performance.