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Free Standing Speed Ball

£123.99 £69.99
We at Phoenix Fitness offer professional and robust products for all of your exercise workouts. The Free Standing Speed Ball is perfect for those interested in boxing, kickboxing, karate, martial arts, MMA, UFC, thai boxing, judo or those just wanting to get rid of some pent up frustration! The speed bag can improve your sparring, movement, control and power.
Improves fitness and power.
Practice your boxing training, reactions, speed, reflexes and your punching power or kicking power.
Water/sand chamber. You can fill the speed bag with either water or sand so the speedball will withstand all your hard-hitting punches and power. Product arrives unfilled for easy positioning in your home or gym. 
Heavily weighted down so the free-standing speed ball will not fall over.
Adjustable height.
Helps improve hand eye coordination and reaction time.
EVA foam filling.
Essential equipment for your workout routine improving your cardio with speed and your raw punching power with reaction times to dodge the ball.
Requires assembly with all tools included.