Doorway Pull Up Bar

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Doorway Pull Up Bar and Chin Up Bar is ideal for chin ups and pull ups which rely on body weight they are extremely effective for developing and toning muscles as well as increasing strength. Pull ups not only work the largest muscle group in the back, they also target the biceps, triceps and shoulders. Chin ups are great for biceps.

Adjustable pull up bar

Perfect for maintaining your fitness routine at home

Ideal for developing muscles in the chest, arms & shoulders

Great for adding to your workout routine

Fits door frames 62 - 100cm (approx)

Rubber stoppers for a secure hold


"I love this brand and their ethos. A recent purchase and a lifesaver is the tiny green massage ball. My traps have been so tight recently so this is brilliant to release the tension'


'I was so worried about my fitness lifestyle when the gyms shut in March for lockdown. Phoenix has allowed me to do such a large variety of workouts everyday - I really feel like I can live without the gym now.


Why choose us?

Becoming strong starts in your head, not in the gym.

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