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10Kg Lifting Bag

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High quality 10kg weighted lifting bag. Heavy duty design features strong handles to prevent tears during use. Great for squats, dead lifts, forward lunges, bicep curls you can swing it, throw it, catch it, lift it, jump with it. Perfect for weight training at home including improving strength and tone, core training, stability and endurance.

Phoenix Fitness Lifting bag training offers a way of unique training ensuring your workouts do not become repetitive and boring.

Versatile and compact Lifting Bag offers an exciting alternative to using dumbbells, barbells, or a medicine ball. The sports sand bang can be used for a whole array of exercises including plyometric exercises, dead lifts, squats, lunges and throws.

Suitable for muscle building, fat burning, core strength, balance and agility.

Achieve improved grip strength as your body is forced to use different grip strategies depending on the lift. Improve your torso strength and movement as you create amazing rotational drills to create a range of motion that conventional workouts cannot provide.

The strong padded handles, heavy duty stitching and durable construction provide a solid grip and greater control over your fitness workouts