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Reusable BPA Free Gym Bottles

Reusable BPA Free Gym Bottles

Whether you’re looking for a new bottle for the gym, office or you want to make sure you’re drinking the recommended intake of water a day, opting for a reusable bottle will help cut down waste from single-use plastic - as well as save you money.

I want you to take one moment to think about a more energised, healthier, slimmer, richer, more socially conscious you, well according to the research.


Water is the most vital essential nutrient!

The human body is made up of over 60% water. It maintains hydration, digestion, heart and lung function, joint lubrication, protection of our tissues, regulating body temperature, and much more.

A glass of water before a meal has shown to decrease appetite, aid in digestion and boost metabolism. 

Drinking plenty of water prevents constipation, promotes healthy digestion, flushes toxins, and eases the burden on our kidneys and liver.

Drinking water will reduce the amount of retained salt and lubricate the colon to hasten elimination of belly-bloating foods.  

Our skin loves moisture and drinking plenty of water helps restore suppleness and eliminates dryness.

Better for our environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels and toxins released during production

Durable, stylish, and can help you decrease your carbon footprint

A plastic bottle can take hundreds of years to decompose;

In the UK alone, over 35 million bottles are consumed each day, with around 16 million of those not being recycled.

Tap water is more cost-efficient.

Bottled water can cost up to 500 times the cost of tap water

Bottled water is not any healthier or cleaner than tap water

Better for your health by using a BPA-free reusable bottle

Convenient no more nipping to the shop, and queuing to buy bottled water.