Plyometric Box - 60cm

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Plyometric boxes are designed to increase speed, power, and explosiveness and are a great supplement to your regular strength training routine. Many lower-body plyo exercises utilise a box that you jump on and off.

The Phoenix Fitness Plyo Boxes featuring soft high-density foam that absorb impact and reduce stress on joints. Hardwearing, anti-skid covering is robust, safe, easy clean vinyl surface. Along with a large landing surface and can be used individually or together stacked and secured with velcro to increase height and workout intensity.
Plyometric Box - 91 x 76 x 60cm

Increase speed, power, and explosiveness

Supplement to your regular strength training

Can be stacked to increase height

Hardwearing, anti-skid, easy clean Vinyl surface

Soft landing surface to reduce stress on joints


"I love this brand and their ethos. A recent purchase and a lifesaver is the tiny green massage ball. My traps have been so tight recently so this is brilliant to release the tension'


'I was so worried about my fitness lifestyle when the gyms shut in March for lockdown. Phoenix has allowed me to do such a large variety of workouts everyday - I really feel like I can live without the gym now.


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