Phoenix Fitness 60cm Plyometric Box
Plyometric Box Set

Plyometric Box - 60cm

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Plyometric boxes are designed to increase speed, power, and explosiveness and are a great supplement to your regular strength training routine. Many lower-body plyo exercises utilise a box that you jump on and off.

The Phoenix Fitness Plyo Boxes featuring soft high-density foam that absorb impact and reduce stress on joints. Hardwearing, anti-skid covering is robust, safe, easy clean vinyl surface. Along with a large landing surface and can be used individually or together stacked and secured with velcro to increase height and workout intensity.
Plyometric Box - 91 x 76 x 60cm

Increase speed, power, and explosiveness

Supplement to your regular strength training

Can be stacked to increase height

Hardwearing, anti-skid, easy clean Vinyl surface

Soft landing surface to reduce stress on joints