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8 Tips On Keeping Positive During Lockdown

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
8 Tips On Keeping Positive During Lockdown

So we are now onto lockdown 2 of the year, till at least the 2nd of December - thanks Covid. 
We've all just got used to the gyms being back open, and I'm sure it's a disappointment to everyone who's a keen gym-lover that they will be shutting for some amount of time again. It's the hardest time that our generation has ever seen, and somehow it still feels so far from being over; however we all need to try and remain as positive as we can, this is for the greater good and to try and keep ourselves, and all our family and friends as safe as possible. 

To keep us going through lockdown, we will be posting at least 2 workouts a week from our incredible influencers, using some of our favourite at-home gym products - these will be posted on our blog so make sure to check in and let us know how you get on!

Remember, if you're struggling with getting hold of some products, try and use your initiative - fill up some water bottles and pop them in a back pack, hold some heavy books instead of weights, as long as they do the job, it doesn't matter what items you use!


8 Top Tips To Help You Cope With Lockdown

1) Go with your emotions. 

There's no right way no to feel during this lockdown, especially for the second time around. You may have friends that are so happy they are finding all this time for themselves again, or you may have some wallowing in sadness - both are okay. 


2) If you find yourself on furlough, try and find some time to come offline and reconnect with outside. 
Whether that's a walk to the park, a workout in your lounge, or an essential shop to get you out the house for 30 minutes. If the news or social media is making you stressed, don't feel you have to listen to it. Put your headphones in, let the couch swallow you as you watch Friends from the beginning again. 


3) Write a list of everything you want to achieve in the next 5 years

Focus on the future! This may seem so far out of reach right now, but things are going to get better, and when they do, where do you see yourself? It could be everything you want to achieve for your physical health or a career you've had in mind for a while. 
If this doesn't appeal to you, perhaps write a list of everything you want to do this week - wallpaper that hallway wall that's been annoying you with that awful colour, or perhaps start making your Christmas wreath for your door. 


4) Find a love for a new hobby, or re-discover an old one.

Although some days are harder than others, it's important to keep your workouts or hobbies going strong as much as possible, try to schedule in at least 30 minutes a day to keep your physical and mental wellness as healthy as possible. It really will make such a difference to your lockdown mind frame.


5) Try to keep a routine!

If you're off work, this is a lot easier said than done. But a routine is key, for staying positive, having energy, and keeping motivation. Try to stick with a reasonable bedtime, wake up alarm, and have some plans in mind to try and do the next day. There's nothing worse than feeling as though you have nothing to wake up for the following morning. 


6) Reward yourself

You've just reached your best time on your 10k run so treat yourself to those shoes you've had in your basket for so long! It's so important to reward yourself along the way, whether that's with a Friday night takeaway or an early Christmas present to yourself. 


7) Take time to rest. 

With lockdown, it's pretty hard to keep a work-life balance. Breaks and resting are key, it's hard to switch off, and there's this delusion that working from home was so fun - the reality is, your home is now your work, and you may feel as though you have nowhere to escape too. Make sure you take your lunch breaks, open the windows to stay connected, grab a take-out coffee in the morning, and finish your day when you would at work. 


8) Bake Banana bread.
Everyone does this in lockdown right? Find some good recipes that you'll enjoy and take some time to bake and cook. 



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