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Pull Up Bar Workout With @sean_gymfit

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Pull Up Bar Workout With @sean_gymfit

As another national lockdown comes to a close, and most of us head into Tier 3, we are still going to be continuing our workouts to keep us motivated throughout the colder Christmas months. Although gym's will be open if you are in Tier 3, however group classes will not go ahead. 

Your workout blog this week features the amazing @sean_gymfit who is a natural bodybuilder, on his journey to a bigger, better and healthier him. We have worked with Sean to bring you a full body workout with our incredibly versatile Pull Up Bar.


The exercise is as follows;

Pull up's targeting bicep (15 reps) - Grasp the bar with an overhand grip with your hands just wider than shoulder-width apart. Let your body hang straight down with your knees on the ground, and arms fully extended. Pull up, until your chin is over the bar, before lowering to the start position.


Pull up's targeting lats (15 reps) -  Grasp the bar with an underhand grip, and push your arms as far width apart as you can (to the end of the bar). Slowly lift, until you reach up to your chin, and release back to the starting position.

Crunches targeting abs (20 reps) - Place your shins through the bar, so your feet touch the door to secure you in position (you can get yourself up by using your arms and getting in each foot at a time). Slowly lift your head towards your knees, and then release. A killer ab burner!

Reverse Rows targeting Back (15 Reps) - Grasp the bar with an over hand grip,  and gently lower yourself towards the ground, so your body is a vertical position towards the ground. Place your hands on the foam padding so they are further than shoulder width apart. Lift yourself up slowly

Reverse Rows targeting Biceps (15 Reps) - The same technicalities of the exercise above, however with an underhand grasp, targeting your biceps rather than your back. 

Dips targeting triceps - Place your hands behind your back, with your hands facing forward, gently push your legs in front of you, so your body forms a 'L' shape. Lower yourself down using your arms, and lift yourself back up. 

Single Leg squats (10 reps per leg) - Starting with one leg, place your foot behind you on the bar, slowly bending down in a squat formation using one leg. Make sure the Bar isn't too high when performing this exercise. Once you have done 10 reps with your first leg, do another 10 with the other. 

Squats (20 Reps) - A normal squat with no equipment

Sit Ups - Place the bar just above the bottom of the floor so both feet can firmly sit under. Do regular sit-ups and the bar provides a stabilisation 

Push Up's (10 reps) - With the bar still close to the ground from the previous exercise, place both hands on the grips provided on the bar, and slowly lower yourself closer to the bar and back up again.

Repeat exercises 1-6 for 5 sets.

Check out where Sean places his bar in the video, so you can see where it should roughly be sitting for comfortable, stable and great workout.

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