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Mental Health Awareness Week - Some Important Reminders

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Mental Health Awareness Week - Some Important Reminders

What a rubbish year 2020 has been, some even harder for others. A year where we have all been so disconnected with the crazy world, while trying to reconnect with ourselves. Whether you have been on furlough since March and working out everyday to become a better you - or simply slobbing on the sofa tucking into chocolates - it's okay, there is no right or wrong way to deal with this year. If you are a key-worker that's been working 12 hours shifts throughout lockdown, or working from home, it is just as important to find some time in your busy week to do something for just you. 

Our mental health and importance it plays in our everyday life is something that should be spoken about more than one day of the year. Suicide is a bigger killer than cancer. Let's start to be kind to our minds, reach out if you need help, check on your friends, and remember to take a break. 

Here's some important reminders to keep checked in this week - we may be a fitness company, but our messages are always open if you're having a bad day too!


1. Having Bad Days Are Ok - Remember, these bad days will pass, even if you feel like the whole world has turned into darkness, it will, and does get better. 

2. Your Mental Health Is More Important Than The Exam, The Interview, The Lunch Date, The Meeting, The Family Dinner, And The Workout. SELF-CARE IS NOT SELFISH. 

3. If Your Friend Has Been Avoiding Your Messages, Postponing Plans And Ignoring Calls. They Did Plan To Go - Mental Illness Just Planned Differently. Keep Inviting Them - We can all be a sucker for cancelling on friends when we don't feel quite up to it, however, if your friend is persistently cancelling, or postponing, then the likelihood is they aren't feeling like the same person they was before. Reach out to them, perhaps pop round their home (or garden - subject to Covid) and have a catch up with them, you could really change their mood. 

4. You Are Enough - Whether its comments, partners, friends, or just how you're feeling. You are enough; you're good enough for that person, you're a good enough person for your friends, you're good enough for that new job you applied for. Stop doubting yourself. 

If you're suffering with your mental health, please reach out - to a friend, family member, colleague or a helpline. 

Here's some numbers that may help you if you feel like you need someone to talk too.

Lifeline: 13 11 14
Samaritains: 116 123
NHS: 111
Calm (for men): 0800 585 58 58 




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