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Exercise / Fitness Snacking

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Exercise / Fitness Snacking
exercise snaking explained


Public Health England in a study 2016 to 2017 shows that the percentage of adults physically inactive in local authorities ranged from 12.4% to 33.3%, meaning that the level of activity in adults is dropping.

Lifestyle is a huge factor in the drop in activity as many people are living busy lives, commuting, in high pressure jobs some with more than one job and fitting in a 45 minute workout coupled with traveling to the gym getting changed and showered is just too much, enter fitness snacking.

Within the health and fitness industry it’s becoming accepted that the benefits of fitness snacking could outweigh a single 45 minute session as it encourages regular movement throughout the day and is less likely to result in the long amounts of time spent sitting that are linked to a slow metabolism, poor blood sugar control and a decrease in the body’s ability to effectively break down fat.

So the good news is you save time, get some metabolic kickbacks but you still have to put in the work with a combination of aerobic and resistance training, so maybe now is time to take a deep dive.

Practical and Simple

In addition to freeing up time the exercises performed within fitness snacking can be done just about anywhere and anytime. At home, work, during travel for business or vacation. Fitness snacking is easy because there are plenty of suitable exercises that require little or no equipment at all and do not even require you to change clothes or shower. Combine this with the short duration and you have exercise you can very easily fit into a daily routine.

Reduced Risk

Fitness snacking is a way of getting a ‘minimum effective dose’ of exercise. Which means just enough to enjoy health and fitness benefits whilst reducing risk of overtraining and repetitive stress injuries.

Break Up Of Sedentary Time

Fitness snacking can be used to break up inactive time. There is extremely convincing evidence for the benefits of both exercise and reduction of sedentary time for major health risks and all cause mortality. See post from NHS here Why Sitting Too Much is Bad For You

Blood Glucose And Insulin Control

There is very specific and compelling evidence showing that brief periods of intense activity per and post meals are an effective method to moderate the blood glucose response to the meal and support insulin sensitivity.

An experiment by the BBC’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor program identified that blood glucose levels fell by 40 per cent whether participants completed 30 minutes of brisk walking or broke down walks into five or six minutes ‘snacks’ spread throughout the day, when compared with no activity at all.

So where do we start?

There are plenty of simple exercises you can start with that require no equipment, running on the spot, squats, burpee’s, push up’s, crunches. I’m going to give a plug to TheBodyCoach here for no other reason than I love what he does and how he comes across, at the time of writing he is doing a 10 minute workout everyday for 28 days calling it 28 days of Sweat, it’s free it will be there in 2 years so now you have no excuses to start.


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