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Epic Outdoor Full Body Workout - Halloween EditionšŸŽƒ

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Epic Outdoor Full Body Workout - Halloween EditionšŸŽƒ


Outdoor workout edit filmed with Tom Seed Fitness and personal trainer Matthew Goodall featuring a load of our Phoenix Fitness equipment, a tractor tyre and some Halloween themed pumpkins!!

Give yourself the chance to be inspired by two of our influencers demonstratingĀ a workout that you could also carry out during your fitness journey!

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Workout Exercises:

  • Tyre dead lift
  • Push up on bars
  • Squats
  • Alternative waves
  • Waves
  • Sit ups
  • Side jumps
  • Walking lunges
  • Tyre Flips
  • Superman flipsĀ 


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