Let Failure Drive Your Progress

Stay Motivated and Let Failure Drive Your Progress

The concept is simple: you set goals, you work towards them in the gym and in the kitchen and things are going great until… they aren’t. Maybe it’s a holiday that throw’s you off your regime or maybe it was an illness that had you in tucked up in bed for three days. No matter what the reason is for falling off the wagon - there’s always another day and another opportunity to get back on. We know how hard it can be, so we put together a few suggestions that will inspire you to power through, even when it feels impossible.

Find Your Motivation

When working towards a major goal, failure is often a part of the journey, if it was that easy would it be worth achieving? What keeps us going is deeper than the looming summer or fitting into that new dress or suit. The best way to keep yourself going is to dig deep and find your motivation from within, find that thing that made you start and gets you up on the cold, dark damp days that lie ahead. Exercising and eating well can be a real battle, but we want you to work towards a goal that will make your life healthier and more enjoyable. Forget the superficial benefits your health journey will bring, those are just added bonuses. Are you ready to prioritise your health and wellness? Whatever the reason is, make sure it’s powerful enough to build you back up on the bad days and energise you to push even harder on the good days.

Set Short-Term Goals

Goals set without a plan are hard to reach and setting big goals without smaller micro-goals can be even harder. Think about a road trip. If you’re driving cross-country, would you rather drive for days on end without stops along the way or would you rather break the trip up into sections with fun destinations to keep the drive interesting? My guess is most folks would go with the latter, which is why it’s important to offer yourself short-term goals to meet and keep things moving smoothly.

Achieving smaller wins will help keep you motivated and can energise your efforts as you continue to work towards your end goal. By working towards long-term with short-term goals, you’ll have a more rewarding journey and won’t make the detours or setbacks feel as detrimental to your efforts.

Plan for the Mess Up

We are all human - and that means we’re going to mess up at some point. It could be a strained muscle that puts you out of commission for a few days or maybe you had too many drinks and can’t be bothered to get up for that run or the gym, maybe you just lost your motivation and have a hard time finding the energy to hit the gym. There are two things you need to remember.

  1. Everybody messes up.
  2. You’ll need to reach deep, remember what brings you to that place and find the strength to get back on the horse.

If you can remember these things, you’ll be able to switch faster and take any setback in your stride. Making health happen is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, remember it’s important to pace yourself as you work towards your goals and now with your short-term goals now in place it’s not such a big step when not if you do mess up.

Leave Guilt Behind You.

You haven’t been to the gym in over a week, ate an entire pizza probably washed it down with a nice bottle of Pinot and gained a pound or so. What are you going to do? Stop feeling guilty about it and pick up where you left off. When you’re working towards your future goal, it won’t do you any good to live in the past. It’s easy to get bogged down and feel shameful about not sticking to your plan, but in the end—that won’t do anything but keep you further from your goal. Think about how you got derailed and how you might avoid that going forward—but beyond that, keep it moving. There will always be moments of failure but making healthy happen means rolling with the punches and pushing through to your next success. Trust us, it’s just around the corner.

Get Social 

No workout buddy available? There are plenty of online training programs or free YouTube train along style workouts and don’t forget you can be part of some online community some of these are local and have meet-ups if you live in a major metropolitan area, but you can still benefit from their support, advise and just having somebody to answer to if you don’t have a physical buddy.

Stay Positive, Stay Committed and Make Change Happen

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