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Phoenix Fitness is a family business and family values come close to our heart as such we have started working with a number of individuals these have become known as Ambassadors but a few have pushed just that bit harder and have become, family.


Peter of Don Fitness is one such character a model and personal trainer who also finds time to compete on a national level and support Phoenix Fitness, read on to find his story and understand his ethos.

How did you get into fitness?

I wanted to have a Physique that will make me stand out from others when I walk in a room. I started training in the house doing a lot of body weight exercises (push up, sit ups, squats). 

When was that?

I started at the age of 16. I have always been active playing football and other sports before then. I got into the gym and started weight training briefly at the age of 17.

So what comes first model, personal trainer or competitor?

I started out modelling then I decided to compete and after my confidence grew from my knowledge over the previous years to help others out with their fitness journey by becoming a personal trainer. 

How many years of experience do you have as a personal trainer and a competitor?

I have always trained people even before qualifying as a personal trainer on paper 2 years ago. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and improving people’s way, technique and habits of training. I have competed 3 times in 2 years. 

What has been you greatest achievement in life and also as a competitor?

My greatest achievement as an athlete is standing on stage confident with my hard work as a natural athlete in arguably two of the best Men Physique shows in the UK.

Why would you say most people choose to train with you?

Because of my approach to training and showing that you can achieve great results even with a busy lifestyle like mine. I am also available to educate and support anyone who needs it. I like helping people and responding to queries. 

What areas of your training are you currently focusing on?

I am currently focusing on rehabilitation as I have sustained a few injuries. Training smart to build up strength in my weak parts.

Favourite exercise and piece of equipment?

I have a lot of favourite exercises and equipments that targets different muscle groups. So I can’t choose one 🙈

Do you follow or prescribe a particular eating regime?

My eating habit is quite flexible. I believe that if you love eating, the gym should be your best friend so you can enjoy it even more to maintain your physique so it doesn’t get out of hand. When I am preparing for a show then I am very strict on my diet regime otherwise I just calorie count when I can. 

What happens when you do get back into shape? How is your life different?


I try to maintain a decent appearance aesthetically all year round because of the different activities I am involved in. I feel confident when I’m in a great shape.

What attracted you to working with Phoenix Fitness?

Phoenix Fitness has similar goals and vision as me and are very supportive of the athletes / ambassadors. The products are also very practical for everyday use both in a real gym setting and at home. 

If you are wanting to reach out or looking for a Personal Trainer get at Peter/Don Fitness:


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