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Charlene dose of motivation

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Charlene dose of motivation





I am a personal trainer, scuba diving instructor and TV presenter of Hong Kong ViuTV.

Head over to @littlemiss.daredevil to keep up to date!

I started learning Hung Gar Kung Fu since 14 years old, taught by my father, Mark Houghton who is an action actor, stunt man and fight choreographer. Also from my grandmaster, the late Lau Kar Leung who was a famous Hong Kong-based Chinese actor, filmmaker, action choreographer and martial artist.

Fight experience:

2018: Fighting Union- Kickboxing Champion

2018: Energy Fight x Shoot Boxing Champion

2017: ViuTV G1 MMA Fight Club season 2 Champion

TV/ Movie experience

2018: I Am The White Tiger (Actress)

2018: Qing Long Men (Lead Actress)

2016- 2018: ViuTV Joyous Alliance (Host)

2018: 007 Lady Killers (Actress)

2018: ViuTV G1 Fight Club Season 2 (Actress)

2017: Karate (Actress)

2017: RTHK Lifestyle Magazine (Host)

2016: ViuTV G1 Fight Club Challenger (Actress)

2016: The Gathering (Actress)

2015: RTHK Hong Kong Story (Host)

2014: RTHK Kung Fu Quest 3 (Host)

Phoenix Fitness:

Why did you train in other martial arts? 


Learning different martial arts help develop my Kung Fu and help me to become an all round fighter. I also practice Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Apart from your martial arts training do you do any other fitness training?

I do weight training in the gym regularly, swimming, pole dancing and stunt for action movies. 

Phoenix Fitness:

What does a typical day or weeks training look like? 


I train 6 days per week in the afternoons. I work as a personal trainer and teach my clients in the mornings and evenings. I do children TV program on Sundays (Hong Kong ViuTV). 

Phoenix Fitness:

Have you ever wanted to give up and how do you keep motivated longterm?


Yes, when I felt frustrated, suffered from injury or exhausted I thought of giving up.

When I feel like quitting, I always question myself how bad do I really want to reach my goal, how important is it to me and is it worth it to quit after I had put in all that effort. I will try to find a different method to train which helps me discover new values and get me back on track. I believe all the obstacles I am facing are not permanent, I just need to push through. I have to find a way, not an excuse.

Phoenix Fitness:

Recently I have seen you fight MMA how did that come about?


My first MMA fight was a TV reality show (ViuTV G1 MMA Fight Club). The program producer found me easily because I work as a freelance TV presenter in the same company.

I wanted to test my courage and the skills I’ve learnt and I thought fighting in a cage would be exciting so I took the challenge. It was a 8 women elimination match. I fought 4 opponents with different martial arts background and won the champion belt. I continued complete the next year, fought 2 amateur fights and won. I have signed a contract with Glory Kickboxing for professional fights in coming years.

Phoenix Fitness:

What was your hardest fight and what made you keep going?


My hardest fight was the final fight  of ViuTV G1 MMA. As it was a reality show, the organiser made the fights more exciting by matching fighters with different weight and size. My opponent was 20KG heavier and 15 cm taller than me. The size difference was my biggest barrier in a MMA cage fight.   My friends and coaches were very worried and suggested me to quit because it was too dangerous. I did hesitate but decided to fight against her at the end. I trained hard everyday and did not want to waste all my hard work. Most importantly, I do not know to be a quitter, I wanted to overcome my fear. Surprisingly, I beat her in the final with a good game plan.

Phoenix Fitness:

How do you motivate students ?


I break their goals into smaller, attainable steps so they can achieve them easier. Their motivation come from results. Seeing results keep them motivated and make them addicted to the workout.

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