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Working Out From Home But Not Sure Where To Start?

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Working Out From Home But Not Sure Where To Start?

Chasing that post-workout feeling from the comfort of your own home? We've got you!

Exercising at home may not be your first choice but as we step into the second nationwide lockdown of 2020 it’s important to realise that working out from home can leave you reaping the benefits, even without the heavyweights and more advanced gym equipment you may be familiar with. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about the effort you put into your workouts – not just the equipment you’re using.


Where's the best place I can workout from home?


One of the first things you need to figure out before you can start working out at home is where will the best place be to ensure you’re left with zero distractions – except maybe the sweat dripping from your brow! 

Staying indoors can be great for most types of home workout and, let’s face it, the British weather is not always on our side. Most types of exercise, including a HIIT workout, yoga and core training call all be completed indoors.

Having a designated zone where you always go to train will also help you build on the routine you create and will shift your mindset away from your work-from-home-life and remove any unwanted distractions such as – but not limited to – televisions, your four-legged friends and annoying siblings.


How Do I Stay Motivated At Home?


Regardless of your situation, motivation is the ultimate driving factor behind having a good workout, a bad workout or even no workout whatsoever. We all have different reasons to exercise – and staying motivated is just as subjective.

Here’s five great ways we recommend you stay motivated whilst working out at home:


  1. Play your favourite music LOUD
  2. Get the whole family involved
  3. Join an online class or follow YouTube/live stream workouts.
  4. Use a round-timer app for your circuits
  5. Use different props and fitness accessories interesting, such as the Phoenix Fitness Dice.

If your struggling for motivation during lockdown too, we've wrote a blog just for this, check it out!


What Type Of Workout Should I Do?


Now you’ve got a clear vision of where you’ll be training and how to stay motivated, it’s time to plan your workout!

In our current climate, there’s hundreds – if not thousands – of home and bodyweight workouts accessible for free online and social media. Following live home workout sessions is a great way to just ‘turn up and sweat’.

Here’s a list of workout ideas for exercising at home:


  • Bodyweight Circuit
  • Abs Blast
  • Skipping
  • Yoga
  • Mobility / Flexibility
  • Plyometrics


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