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Woodland Workout - 15kg Dumbbell Set

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Woodland Workout - 15kg Dumbbell Set


Anna Martin Fitness is one of our fitness influencers who is a very determined and motivated personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Anna is consistently doing better every time, she has proven to us and the public that fitness is not just about gaining muscles, it has to a hobby, it has to be carried out religiously, you have to eat the right foods, you must have a fitness regime and you must enjoy it! 

Since Anna purchased these Dumbbells, she has not once not twice but on number occasions she has shown us all the different types of fitness exercises you can do with them! 

Even though Anna went away on holiday she has #nevermissedaworkout and from this video you can see she is one fitness buff who is very consistent during her fitness training.

So, check out this upper body workout routine that Anna has put together for you, you can carry out this training session at home, in the garden or anywhere! 

If you want to carry this routine out to its full potential then you can purchase a  Complete 15kg Dumbbell Set from us at a discounted price.

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Workout routine (10-15 reps back to back)

  • Arnold Press
  • Bent Over Row
  • Bicep Curls
  • Press-ups
  • Tricep Kickbacks

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