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What keeps you motivated?

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
What keeps you motivated?

You can find an excuse, or you can find a way...

Check out @doitbetteruk & @two.brits to get inspired and see how they keep motivated!

When you set yourself goals what keeps you motivated?

There should be goal in mind to keep you on track, whether that is to slim down and loose weight for a upcoming holiday you have booked yourself for the summer, push your comfort zones to feel better about yourself and gain more confidence, to build up a more healthier lifestyle or to gain muscle and tone.

The determination of your goals should be more than enough to keep you motivated and not stray off track.  The key is to continue to remind yourself what are you trying to achieve.  Map out the ‘how’ with regards to steps and resources required, for example time, health, diet, equipment, money and where.

Strive for progress not perfection 

Here at Phoenix Fitness we believe consistency is important not perfection.

There comes a time when most people start their fitness journey and set goals but lack enthusiasm, this can be noticed at the start of their process.

In most circumstances we have noticed it is more visible when the fitfam have had a blip during one month and therefore it is hard for them to get back into their routine.  They promised themselves at the beginning of starting their fitness journey but the secret of getting back into your routine is to keep reminding yourself why you are doing this and therefore it will help you to stay committed and achieve your end goal in the timeframe you set yourself.

It is not easy to get your motivation back, so we advise you to reach out to other members of the fitfam, friends and family to help you achieve this, this could be working out with other individuals who share the same passion as you, fitness will then no longer be a chore for you, it will become a social aspect of your life.

Having others help you through your fitness journey could also remind you what you can and cannot eat as diet is a huge aspect of a successful fitness journey, when you feel like having numerous cheat days there will be someone there to stop you and remind you why you started this, after all it takes valuable time, energy to get to your final goal so why ruin it for yourself?

When starting a fitness journey, you need to make sure you think of all the possible changes and implications it could have on your life, more so diet and change of lifestyle are the hardest to adapt too. This could be easy if you adapt to change quickly however some struggle to accept new regimes.

As soon as you accept that your lifestyle will be different you will learn that your fitness journey will become second nature to you as it has been noticed that it takes 21 days to create a habit.

Stay committed and keep going, you’re not alone. There are many individuals out there who are in the same position as you are, let us and others help you to start your journey today!

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