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Switch up your training techniques to stay in shape. . .

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Switch up your training techniques to stay in shape. . .

Resistance tube circuit

Spice up your workout

Get motivated and continue to workout with our 20 minute Resistance Tube workout. This workout aims to strengthen all the muscles in your body. 

Our portable equipment is perfect for home use or whilst traveling, so blast your whole body to get a head to toe sculpting workout.


Grab a Resistance Tube and start our 9 move home workout, these exercises burn fat, help to create lean muscle, and sculpt a better version of you.

Workout routine:

One arm bicep curl (sets 1, Reps 12-15 each side)

Flye (Set 1, Reps 12-15)

Front squat (Set 1, Reps 8-15)

Splitter (Set 1, Reps 8-10)

Press ups (Set 1, Reps 5-15)

Squat to over head press (Set 1, Reps 8-10)

Lateral Raises (Set 1, Reps 8-10)

Step ups with curls (Set 1, Reps 5-12)

Alternating chest press (Set 1, Reps 8-15)