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Skipping HIIT Workout Featuring Evie Grace Fitness

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Skipping HIIT Workout Featuring Evie Grace Fitness

Skipping HIIT Workout - With Evie Grace Fitness

High-intensity interval training – or HIIT – workouts are a form of exercise that’s been proven to boost metabolism and build strength with consistent practice. HIIT workouts can be successful as they alternate between short periods of intense anaerobic exercises, and less intense rest periods. Whether you’re an avid gym-goer or prefer a workout in the comfort of your own home, HIIT workouts are a speedy and efficient way to exercise.

We have caught up with fitness guru, Instagram’s @EvieGrace_Fitness, for her latest HIIT workout using some of Phoenix Fitness’ best-sellers. Evie Grace is an 18-year old competitive swimmer with an interest in all-things fitness; throughout lockdown, Evie has used her platform to inspire and motivate others to take part in HIIT workouts.



Evie’s workout begins with skipping. She completes 30 seconds of reps before taking a 15 second break. Here you can see Evie using the Phoenix Fitness Speed Skipping Rope which is a lightweight polymer skipping rope that’s perfect for home workouts or at the gym.

Another key ingredient of Evie’s HIIT workout is 30 seconds of Single Leg Skipping and Skipping Crossovers.


The second element of Evie’s workout is mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are a great power move for runners as they ramp up the heart rate, challenge your own balance and agility, and work your muscles.

Here you can spot Evie using Phoenix Fitness’ multi-purpose fitness mat in orange.


Squat to Reach – or commonly known as ‘Squat and Reach’ or ‘Squat Reach’ – is another essential part of Evie’s HIIT workout.

Begin with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart and as you come up from your squat, reach your arms in the air.


Evie recommends repeating each set three to four times, depending on your fitness goals and ability. For more information, follow us on Instagram.


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