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Resistance Band Workout With @mvfitnessuk

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Resistance Band Workout With @mvfitnessuk

Resistance Band Workout with Phoenix Fitness – Featuring Verity (@mvfitnessuk)

Resistance bands are the latest piece of kit which everyone is using in their lockdown workouts. Perfect for small spaces, these affordable bands are all you need to help build size, strength and muscle.

Give Verity’s resistance band workout a try and feel the burn!

Head to our website to take a look at the selection of resistance bands we have available.


Leg & Arm lift with resistance under opposite – place the resistance band under your foot and raise the opposite leg alongside your arms - x 30 seconds per leg (repeat for the other side).

Resistance Bands Squats – place the resistance bander under both feet, stretch the resistance band up over your shoulders and squat to feel the resistance - 1 minute rep

Sit Up & Punch – place the resistance band around your waist and lie down in a sit up position. Hold on to both ends of the band and when rising into sit up position, cross over and punch with your arm, alternating on each sit up repetition - x 15 punches per arm

Knee Lift & Resistance Band Pass – on all fours, lift one knee up off the floor and pass the resistance band through. Alternate legs on each leg after 30 seconds – x 30 seconds per leg

We recommend repeating the circuit 3 times, but if you really want to feel the burn, try repeating 5 times!

I hope you love the workout, we look forward to sharing the next one! 

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