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Ready, Steady Squat!

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Ready, Steady Squat!

Welcome to Phoenix Fitness Fourth Workout

Incorporating a squat routine will make everyday of your life better, Phoenix Fitness goal is to help make you a the best version of you.

We will have you know squats are a compound movement, which therefore uses more than one joint in your body for example your hips and knees.

Squats will improve your body strength, your bones and muscles and also will defo increase your flexibility.

Once you get used to this workout routine you will start to notice we are trying to help you loose fat and gain muscle along with gaining a boosted butt.

Follow the exercises below and start you squat routine today.

Squat workout: 

10 different exercises 

100 reps in total 

Box squat 

Overhead squat (x10)

Wide stance squat (x10)

Partial squat (x10)

Pulse squat (x10)

Squat to knee raise (x10)

Lunge to squat (x10)

Squat jump (x10)

Surfer squat (x10)

Squat thrust (x10)

10 seconds rest between each exercise

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