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Push Up Bar Workout - Featuring Zoe Clegg Fit

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Push Up Bar Workout - Featuring Zoe Clegg Fit

One of the latest trends in the fitness world is using push – or press – up bars to support your workout. Regularly using push up bars can help to increase strength and build muscles in your chest, arms, and shoulders. We have spoken to Zoe (@ZoeCleggFit), a competitive swimmer, for her top motivation tips and press-up bar workout – using her Phoenix Fitness’ collection.


How do you stay motivated?

“To help keep me motivated; I always listen to music when doing a workout. It always gets me fired up and ready to push myself!”


How did you stay motivated during the 2020 UK lockdown?

 “Lockdown was quite difficult for motivation, as most of my fitness training has been in the pool. I used to swim 5 to 6 times a week, so to keep me motivated I made a weekly plan of the workouts I wanted to complete. Eventually, I could tick them all off!”


How did you find adding the Phoenix Fitness Press Up Bars to your workout?

“The press-up bar workout was the first workout I’ve posted in a while and it was really fun. I’ve never used a press-up bar before and it was much harder than I originally thought; using Phoenix Fitness’ Press Up Bars I’m definitely going to focus and improve on my press-ups!”


“I would recommend doing three circuits of this, but my HIIT workout is as follows:

10 x press-ups;

10 x side twists;

10 x plank rolls;

10 x plank jacks;

10 x renegade rows, as you can see in the video.”


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