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Mighty, Sweaty, Toning Workout

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Mighty, Sweaty, Toning Workout

Skip the Gym and work out at Home



Welcome to Phoenix Fitness Flex July. 
20 minute workout

If you are new this program then don’t worry, Phoenix Fitness will go at a slow pace so you can catch up. There are plenty of exercises to carry out whether you are a beginner for fitness or an advanced fitness buff.

You may or may not agree but not all of us have time to attend the gym everyday, that’s why finding an open space in your home can be awesome for a workout like ours.

Do you want to improve your body?

Start to work hard and make those muscles burn with our 20 minute workout. You will start to improve your body composition and become better than who you are. That’s right you will start to get stronger!.

Get mighty, get sweaty and get toning with the workout we have in store for you.

(Feel free to repeat the sequence below 3 times to really feel that burn)

Workout schedule:

High Knees (30 Seconds)

Start your workout with high knees, this will get your heart rate pumping and it will help you warm your muscles up to get them thriving for the next level.

Squat Jumps (30 Seconds)

If you want great legs, then you’ll increase your explosive power.

Push-Ups (5 reps)

This will determine how strong you are! — Train your muscles to work together and become stronger.

Burpees - (10 Reps)

Give yourself a mental challenge with the involvement of multi-joint movements.

This exercise is brilliant for body conditions and challenging your body and mind.

 Lunges - (10 Each leg)

Lunges are fab for isolating the muscles in one leg at a time. This exercise concentrates on the lower body. Start to strengthen your buttocks, legs, core strength and hip flexibility.

Become a Phoenix Fitness pro, lower your hips and get that 90 degree bend.

Squats - (8 Reps)

Push-Ups (7 reps)

Squats - (10 Reps)

Squat Jumps (8 Reps)

Wall-Sit - (1 minute)

This kind of workout no doubt will improve your stamina, improves your concentration and focus, strengthens your calf muscles, improves your  performance and lowers your heart rate. 

Push-Ups - (10 reps) 

High Knees - (30 seconds)

Become a pro with Phoenix Fitness

Good luck!

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