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International Women's Day - The Changing Face Within Sports

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
International Women's Day - The Changing Face Within Sports


Today is International Women’s Day, which means it is also the perfect day to post a blog about the worldwide rise in prominence of Women’s sports.

Historically, sport has shown itself to be a male-dominated industry, weighted massively in favour of male athletes, male commentators, and male-orientated brands and beer sponsors in terms of publicity, acclaim and reward.

However, as a result of the greater awareness of gender inequalities, and the political will to break down those barriers, far greater emphasis is now being focused on redressing the balance.

Female athletes are being becoming global influencers in their own rights, audiences for women’s sports are becoming far greater, resulting in lucrative and highly visible sponsorship deals, and greatly increased TV coverage of female sporting events.


Although, here is still a lot of progress to be made, the sports industry is moving in the right direction (albeit slightly slower than we would like), and there is more diversity in sports than ever before.

Going forward, we need to keep up the pressure to create an inclusive environment for all - an environment where we celebrate all genders taking part in sport.








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