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Home workouts to get you started

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Home workouts to get you started




When starting your fitness journey you often start to question where do I start?  What equipment do I need? and what exercises do I need to perform?

People also question their time due to not having the right balance during their everyday routine to fit in a successful healthy workout.

Phoenix Fitness advise to start of by thinking about your goals, are you looking to loose weight or build muscle mass, or would you like to do both?

Once you have figured your goal you will then start to question your time management and other alternatives available to workout.

It is often assumed you can only carry out cardio and strenuous activities only when you're at the gym but this is not the case, you do not need to attend the gym or have a gym membership to get into fitness.

Fortunately, Phoenix Fitness can provide you with tried and tested products to aid you to lose weight and build muscle in your own surroundings after all we are your complete home gym solution!

Utilise our products to the best of their ability and become a fitness buff with Phoenix Fitness today, it has been noted by many fitness enthusiasts that working out at home can be more effective then attending the gym.

In order to reach your goals of burning fat and building muscle you will need to introduce strength training into your fitness regime.

We would like to touch upon easy workouts exercises you can carry out to achieve your fitness goals through strength training whilst boosting your metabolism —  don’t worry we haven't forgotten about your cardio - we will incorporate that eventually into your workout in our next blog post but firstly you need to start somewhere.

We would like to start off by focusing on a your large muscles that will provide you with stability and core strength.

Its time to introduce a few exercises for you to launch your home fitness workout — don't worry we are not leaving you just yet, below we have provided you with the details of the products that will help you to carry out a successful workout at home.

If you want to push yourself to the limit and succeed in a short period of time then keep in mind repetition of exercises is the secret, feel comfortable with performing your exercises over and over again without having bodybuilders judging at you, no one likes to feel uncomfortable so its time to pursue your fitness journey in a place where you feel at home.

We recommended to do the following exercises in the time frames we have given - our aim is to get you to do as many exercise you can do to the best of your ability - we know you can do it!

Lets get started:

30 seconds workout , 30 seconds rest

Push ups 
Product - Push up bars

Product - medicine ball or kettle bells

Product -  kettle bells

Product - fitness step or balance board 

Curls to a Shoulder press
Product - dumbbell's or kettle bell

Increase your workout
40 seconds workout , 20 seconds rest

Advanced workout time

40 seconds workout , 10 seconds rest



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