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Phoenix Fitness hope you can grab 15 minutes to do this workout and fall in love with it. We will have you know you don't need a mat for it, just a simple medicine ball.

Want a medicine ball of your own to use at home?  Well Phoenix Fitness is your complete home gym solution so visit and start your flex in July challenge with this 1st HIIT workout.



Medicine ball workouts are easy to carry out at home so why not bring a great deal of challenge and versatility to a routine and target all your tiny stabiliser muscles you don't get at.

Why Phoenix Fitness loves this routine

Phoenix Fitness realises the advantage of this training routine. We have noticed that the added weight not only increases your resistance during your movements however it challenges your balance and core.

When you are exercising and manoeuvring the medicine ball, you are shifting your centre of gravity which enhances your balance and ability during your intense workout.

Are you looking to burn calories?

During this routine, Phoenix Fitness estimates that each individual can burn between 200-230 calories. These figures can fluctuate depending on different variables for each fitness buff.

Once you have started our workout routine and religiously carry out our medicine ball hit workout you will start to notice changes in your body composition.

Workout schedule:

Squat press  (Reps 10 Rest 0 sec)

The rotating lunge (Reps 5 each side Rest 0 sec)

Pressups (Reps 6 Rest 0 sec)

Slam (Reps 10 Rest 0 sec)

Russian Twists (Reps 10 each side Rest 0 sec)

Roll Out (Reps 6 Rest 2 min)

Repeat for 15 minutes  

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