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Don't Be A Plastic Junkie

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Don't Be A Plastic Junkie

If you haven’t already then now is the time to invest in a good quality reusable water bottle. Why? Because we all need to adopt new habits as our world changes. Our 1ltr BPA free drinks bottles are the perfect size for everyday use and will also determine if you are drinking the recommended daily amount of water. Good for the environment and your health! And that’s just for starters….read the below and tell me if you will continue to buy single use plastic bottles….

Reason #1

Plastic pollution is a real issue, I wont bombarded you with facts and figures. The awful images pop up social media feeds daily. Oceans full of plastic, washed up on shores, land fill sites overflowing. We are all guilty for contributing to this. Stop now!

Reason #2

It’s better for you! The WHO (World Health Organisation) did a study and found that 90% of bottled water contained plastic fibres. So you are actually DRINKING plastic. People perceive that bottled water is cleaner, this is just not true. Tap water is usually cleaner as is subject to a far more rigorous inspection regime. 

Reason #3

You will save THOUSANDS! The mark up on plastic bottles of water is ridiculous. You pay a water bill in your home….why pay again? Fill up at home and save money. Many shops are now offering free water filling stations too. Win win.

Reason #4

Be the change, make a stand! Using a reusable water bottle shows you are environmentally conscious and care. Spread the awareness.

Some clever souls have already bought our bottle, heres what they think:

“Brilliant product, the two LTR bottles are great for me to ensure I intake enough water, bottles are of high standard and my favourite colour pink”
“Perfect, practical and easy to carry around during my day”
"Love it! Strong and durable”
“Perfect for getting your daily water intake!”


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