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Complete Kettlebell Workout Featuring @eviegracefitness

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Complete Kettlebell Workout Featuring @eviegracefitness

Complete Kettlebell workout, using a 16kg Phoenix Fitness Kettlebell & Featuring @Eviegracefitness

Another amazing video from our Influencer Evie, showing you such a great variety of workouts to try using just a kettlebell - remember if you don't have one, there are so many other ways you can try and create this weights. Using water-bottles in backpacks, books, and other heavy items you can find around the house. 

We still have some weights available though if you wanted to have a browse!

Evie recommends doing this set at least 3 times, or you can put yourself on a timer of 1 minute per exercise with 30 seconds rest in between. Remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout your exercises and don't over do it - but enough to feel a burn!


The exercise sets are as follows; 

Kettlebell alternate lunge under leg

Kettlebell squat

Kettlebell press

Sit up press

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