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Body Balance Board Workout - Featuring Verity

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
Body Balance Board Workout - Featuring Verity

Full Body Workout With Phoenix Fitness Body Balance Board - Featuring Verity (@mvfitnessuk)

Have your heard of a Body Balance Board? Our body balance board is the perfect solution to engaging your core, or recovering from an injury! Verity has put together the perfect workout to keep your whole core engaged. 

We recommend doing this set 3 times to really feel every part of you start to burn - no pain, no gain!

Left Hand Lift While keeping Knees On Body Balance Board X10

Right Hand Lift X10 

Mountain Climber; Keep both hands on board at an equally spaced distance apart, bring each leg up as if climbing up a mountain X10

Left Leg Lift place your right foot on the board, and bring your left leg upwards and outwards. X10

Right Leg Lift X10

Body Board Crunches, place the board on your legs, and bring your legs towards your chest and hold the board and bring the board above your head, then bring it back down to place onto your legs again X15

Plank; Place both feet onto the board, and plank as usual for 30 seconds, be prepared to feel the burn for this one!




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