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15KG Weight Set Workout HIIT - Featuring Hana

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
15KG Weight Set Workout HIIT - Featuring Hana

The perfect workout to get your sweat on, featuring our Phoenix Influencer Hana (@theactivepeanut) . As we are going into another national lockdown, we're doing our best as a growing company to give you up-to-date at home workouts to help you through the next few challenging weeks. 

Hana has offered some great advice to try and help you though the second UK lockdown; 'Ensure you have someone to speak too when things get overwhelming, to understand that by masking up, staying in and keeping a distance is helping to save lives and that we will get through this!'

All you need for this workout is your weight of choice, (Hana uses a 15kg set), and your choice of exercise mat (we still have our NBR mats in stock if you haven't got one yet!)

Hana Recommends doing each of the sets for 1 minute each, 5 sets in total, once you have completed a trio, do a set 7 (6 mins). 


2x Burpee with hop - If you have two mats, jump from one mat to the other, squat down, push the legs to the back and do a press up, jump back up onto the other mat and repeat. If you only have one mat, you can do a burpee on just the one, or find a softer landing - such as a carpet.

Hand release Press Ups - Do you usual press ups, once you reach the bottom lift your hands up quickly, then repeat.

15kg Dumbbell cleans - Lift the weight with one arm over your head, gently place on the ground, and pick back up with your other arm

15kg Dumbbell Over Head Press Lift your chosen weight from the ground, to above your head, then drop back to the ground. Make sure to release your knees to do a squat when placing to the floor to make smoother on your joints. 
Burpee & Jump Twist - The same as the burpee above, squat, drop to the floor in a press up formation, then squat to get back up, and twist a full 360, and repeat.

Reverse Lunges - Stand with your feet hip width apart, take a big step forward with your right left, shift your weight forward so your heel hits the floor, then lower your body until both legs are fully bent with your right shin hits the floor. Press into your heel, to drive yourself back into the starting position, then swap legs.

Exercise 7 - 5 burpees, 10 sumo squat and shoulder raises, 15 Kettlebells Swings (6 minutes as many rounds as possible)

Repeat exercises 1-6 for 5 sets.

Hana says 'I know this workout looks pretty intense but honesty it was so nice to move my body and try some new things. I know burpees can be a daunting for some but these can be substituted for up downs to be gentler on the joints. Weights can be removed or increased or decreased depending on your strength ability.' 

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