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15 Minute - Sexy Abs & Boosted Booty Workout

By: :Phoenix Fitness 0 comments
15 Minute - Sexy Abs &  Boosted Booty Workout

Beginner Level of Difficulty (15 minute max. workout)

Welcome to Phoenix Fitness third workout.

In this blog you are going to learn exercises that will help sculpt that ultimate body.

Start to tighten and tone your abs and boost your booty with this fun fat burning workout routine.

Target your troubled areas with our 7 exercises. In 15 minutes, this sexy strong abs and booty boost workout will thoroughly engage your muscles for a rapid burnout style routine.

You will need to incorporate our complete 15 minute routine into your weekly routine to get beach body ready!

Be ready to challenge yourself as well as take a few rest periods. If you are more of an advanced fitness buff then you can make this routine a little more difficult by adding weights; please make sure your form and body posture is all balanced.

Perform the below sequence one after another. Repeat for 15 mins to feel the burn.

Workout schedule:

Slow High Knee Raises


Crunch feet flat

Crunch knees to 90 degrees

Crunch legs straight at 90 degrees


Reverse Crunch

Crab toe taps


Repeat each 10 reps, no rest between exercises, rest 1 min between sets

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