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We often talk about ‘journeys’ and ‘goals’ and for me these terms come very naturally as I have spent a lot of time business planning but the first time I heard these sorts of phrase was in a business class at Uni.


Set Goals using the smart formula


To explain why are they important I want to start off with a little story (famous or infamous for my stories in this office).  It all starts a few weeks ago when we had planned a little photo-shoot for some new products in our boxing range at a gym.  

At the very last minute we were let down, by last minute I mean we were sat outside the gym waiting for the owner to turn up, so it was Plan B we headed back towards Coalville whilst my passenger was franticly searching and ringing around gym’s. 

We eventually came across Red Corner Gym in Coventry who were willing to help us out, so our journey began our goal to get to Red Corner Gym.  It was back to our old friend Google, we plugged in the postcode and it broke down our journey into manageable goals, however battery power was low so we had to turn off the phone but we set our first goal get to Coventry.  

Once approaching Coventry we turned the phone back on pulled up Google and it was next exit, and we eventually arrived at our destination, well almost. Google said we were at our destination but we couldn’t see any gym, a quick phone call, a u turn and it was 10 meters on the right, boom journey over all goals achieved.

So what?  I just trying to point out that we all using planning, journeys and goals in our life and now we need to be very constructive and set some goals for our health and fitness then create a journey on how we are going to get there.


Goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable for you, realistic and time restricted.

Specific: are you wanting to loose weight, change body composition, run faster, what exactly are you trying to achieve it could even be fit enough to play with your grandchildren .

Measurable: if your specific goal is not measurable how would you know if you have achieved it?  So you can weigh yourself, use a gallery of images taken every week or month, a stopwatch, or can you now chase the kids around.  Make sure you know what success looks like.

Achievable: It’s very easy to be over optimistic here but saying you want to lose a 3 stone in one month is not achievable unless you are very overweight and even then probably not advisable, running 3k in under 10mins by the end of the month, it may be achievable but is it achievable for you?  Setting goals that are unrealistic at a specific point in your journey can be very demotivating.

Realistic: Realistic and achievable are very similar and linked, you need to be realistic for you at this point in time,  6 or 12 months down the line that may change but don’t aim to be a record breaker unless you are serious athlete. 

Time restricted: You should have long and short term goals you may want to lose 3-4lb per week, a stone in a month and by the end of 6 months loose a total of 3 stone and have kept it off.  Breaking things down is great for motivation and to check your progress and if you are not on target you can implement a strategy to get you back in line.

Goals change, I remember suffering from a spinal injury where I could hardly walk for 2 years, my goal was to be pain free and be able to walk.  It was achievable, realistic, measurable and specific in all but time.  

Once I was at this point I started running again and my goal was to run all the way around my circuit and I put together a plan of running and walking gradually working from 1 min running followed by 1 min walking, a week later it was 3 mins running 1 min walking and so on until I could run the circuit. 

I then changed my circuit and gradually increased it to 3k and I now run that very Saturday morning for fun but my goals have moved on and have changed over time. 

 After the injury it was to be able to walk, then run, then run 3k, later it was to lose some weight rather fat, I changed my training and diet and now my current goal during winter is to put on some muscle mainly chest, biceps and triceps.

Why not share your goals in the comments and make them public.

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