Becky's Journey

This post takes the shape of an individual Becky whom is looking to get more physically active again after a period lapse.  Joining the conversation is also Peter a Personal Trainer who happens to own Don Fitness in the Wirral.

Becky is a thirty something living in the Cotwolds, who as you shall find was very active and competed at National level. Becky now spends her time blogging in the most honest way she can about the things in her life and can be found at

(Phoenix Fitness) Can you tell us a-bit about yourself?

Becky - Im 35, female, live in the Cotswolds with my husband. I love being outside in nature, whether doing gardening, exercise or taking photos.

 (Phoenix Fitness) Have you been into fitness for a while?

Becky - Yes, I have always been into fitness. I was part of the British National Sailing team back in

1997 and National Swimming Champion many years ago. I currently - swim, cycle, weight lift.

Peter - How many days a week does you train? 

Becky -  5 days a week.

Peter - Do you have a planned structure for training and diet plans? 

Becky  I make sure I eat enough calories each day. I have a structured workout which I stick to. 

Peter - Do you have a PT and someone to be accountable to? 

Becky - no other than myself. 

(Phoenix Fitness) What has spurred you to push things a little harder this time/right now? 

Becky - I just wanted to get stronger and since starting seeing results, it’s spurred me on even more.

(Phoenix Fitness) What are your goals (long/medium and short term)?

Becky - Short term goals are many to loose the belly and put on some healthy weight. Long term goals are to get stronger and healthier.

(Phoenix Fitness) How do you motivate yourself to continue with your fitness journey?

Becky - I don’t need any motivation as I love to workout, especially when you see results or can lift heavier or swim faster.

Peter -  How often do you keep track? Weight? Photos? How consistent?

Becky - I don't track my weight very often. Trying to put weight on as I have a very low BMI 17.1% I take measurements and did take photos when I first started out to compare to.

(Phoenix Fitness) What type of exercises are you pursuing right now?

Becky - Mainly weight lifting to get stronger. Also, my mum has osteoporosis (which is hereditary) and have been told lifting weights will help make my bones stronger.

Peter - What is the ratio of your workout? How much time is spent on weight, cardio and other activities?

 Becky - I lift weights x4 times a week, cycle to and from the gym each day (25mins a day) do around 10,000 steps per day, and do some swimming and running although Achilles tendonitis has prevented me from doing this lately. 

(Phoenix Fitness) Is there anything new you are looking to try?

Becky - I love to try new things in the gym. I have just started doing hip thrusts on the smith machine and love it. It’s something I was intimidated by before. Small victories like that are building my confidence so much. Next to conquer is deadlifts and squats using the bar and heavier weights.

(Phoenix Fitness) Are you adjusting your diet at the same time? (if so how)

Becky -  Yes, due to all the extra exercise, I have had to up my calories. Currently eating approx 2,000 per day.

Peter - In regards to eating, what does eating properly look like? How do you know you are eating right? Calorie counting? Food choices? Weighing food? 

Becky - I track my food on myfitnesspal. I don't know if I'm eating right other than what calorie calculators have told me and a friend who's a PT. I always eat healthy food - no junk food, takeaways, chocolate, sweets, don't drink or smoke.

Peter -  to lose belly fat you definitely need to be strict to an extent in regards to cutting out certain type of food.

Becky - which kinds of foods?  

I personally don’t think you need to do that much cardio before you even see results if you can manage your food properly. 

Peter - need a planned structure and introduce cardio at a different stage of the plan. If you throw everything to your body all at once, your body won’t know what direction it’s going in and where do you go from there? There’s a time to introduce and implement things. 

In terms of healthy food, it’s as simple as oat, berries, rice and broccoli, potatoes and steak, mince or chicken or fish but tracking the portion sizes and being consistent with it. Also plenty of water, should be getting up to about 3 litres a day.

(Phoenix Fitness) How do you stay up to date with the latest fitness knowledge?

Becky - I watch a few youtuber's to see what they are doing and for help with technique. 

(Phoenix Fitness) What areas do you think you need help with?

Becky - It’s mainly not having the knowledge, making sure I’m doing things right, eating properly…

What has caused you to fail in the past and why is this time different?

Becky - Again I think this would be knowledge. I always thought eating less would help with belly fat and to get more toned, however, since I’ve been eating more, I’ve become more toned, can lift heavier, run further and faster, have more energy and have a much quicker metabolism. According to my Fitbit, I’m burning approx 1,900 calories per day.

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